"The Art and Science of Self-Defense"



Presenting personalized private and group training in street-oriented self defense and weaponcraft based on methods that are time and combat proven. Featuring the integration of combatives, knife and firearms skills. 

There is no reason for an American citizen to ever be at the mercy of a criminal. In the U.S. during the 19th century and into the 20th century, gentlemen were skilled in the defensive use of edged weapons, walking sticks, firearms and their bare hands and our crime rate was much lower. An armed society is a polite society. 

Martial arts styles, combatives, fighting and weapons-based systems are all parts of a whole. They are a combination of proper mindset and correct movement that can be performed by anyone with the desire to learn. There is no best or perfect way, only what works and what does not.

With thirty years of operational experience, forty years of martial training and a lifetime of surviving the streets, I am truly fortunate to have learned from some of the very best. Whether you are a policeman, protection specialist, professional adventurer, businessman, educator, world traveler, a martial artist wanting to sharpen your technique or an everyday person, and my clients have included all of the above, together we will customize a training program suited to your specific individual or groups self defense and personal protection needs. Today more than ever we need to know how to be our own and our family's bodyguard. For private self defense personal training in Spring Texas or just to ask a question regarding training or your personal defense, contact me at hessdefense @ gmail . com


"If you ask me, a good wrestler will beat them all."  - Joe Lewis


"The essence of the martial arts is the mastery of movement." - Bruce Lee 


"Self defense skills are best when they are based on natural response movement, then common sense movement, followed by learned movement." 

- C. Hess



Listed below are some of the many training topics that are available to form your personalized custom program.

Self Defense Training in Spring Texas.

Private Lessons and Personalized Private Training in Self Defense in Spring Texas.

Combat Fitness Training for the street and any ability level. Strength, power generation, combative conditioning and general "tool sharpening" drills. 

Knife Defense / Counter Knife Training. Learn to use and defend against edged weapons. 

Defensive Handgun Training. Concealed carry and emergency rapid acquisition and deployment. From contact distance to across the parking lot. 

Home Defense Shotgun Training. Learn shotgun basics and deployment. Even a single shot shotgun in the rights hands will do the job.

Private Martial arts Lessons in Spring Texas. If you desire private, one on one training and the benefits thereof contact me. 

Home Defense and Emergency Preparation Training. Proper preperation, training and solid equipment selection are the key.

Vehicle Related Self Defense Training. Cars are danger areas for various reasons. Learn the essentials for operating, working in and around them during an emergency situation.    

Western Martial Arts. Boxing and Wrestling for the street and multiple opponents.       

Street Survival Training. What is your mission? Everyday life is the mission. Survive and thrive with this wide area of knowledge and skills. Knowledge and avoidance is key and violence is rarely the answer, but when it is...it's the only answer.    

Counter Kidnapping Training. Many are at risk for this and don't know it. Learn to minimize the risk. I've trained those at risk and worked with those who mitigate kidnappings when they happen.  

Tactical Medic and Tournequit Training. An accident, crash or an assault can happen. Be prepared!  



Instructor Bio

Full time Master Texas Peace Officer, TCOLE Certified: Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, Tactical Medic Instructor and Israeli Pistol Instructor. Background also includes training and expirience in personal protection details. Law Enforcement Instructional background includes training peace officers from various agencies in defensive, tactics, control and arrest tactics, edged weapons defense and firearms.  Private sector experience includes firearms training and range management, training VIP’s in self-defense and counter kidnapping, and instructing various personnel in multiple martial disciplines including Grappling and Boxing for the street, knife defense, Fillipino martial arts, Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, Wing Chun and Taichi.       


For personal or group self-defense training in Spring Texas and servicing the greater Houston area feel free to contact me at hessdefense @ gmail . com for free consultation. Godspeed! 


Philosophy and quotes: 

"Beware of the man with one gun, for he probably knows how to use it." —Unknown

"Killers are killers and you need to respect that" —Professor Kelly S. Worden

"Train or be chained" —Master at Arms James A. Keating 

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far" —West African proverb

"Rip the slide off of it, son!" —Mike Faas

"I think we have a class four stoppage here!" —Unnamed HPD SWAT Operator / Instructor The day my hand bandage gummed up my 1911 slide.  Heed the moral of this story. 

"You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them." —Malcolm Forbes

On my finally arriving: "I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley." —Unnamed Blackwater Operator / Instructor  Upon my introducing him to a blend of hard and soft martial arts. Yep he actually said it.


One of my favorite war stories. 

A couple of years ago, my good friend Dick told me how when he was eighteen, his Marine unit had just fought a lengthy firefight in Korea. The ammo dump they captured turned out to have been built on top of a brewery. After the fight the Leathernecks, upon discovering the vast supply of beer, all got thoroughly blitzed. Dick said, "We were all too drunk to fight if they had come back with re-enforcements. I dozed off for what seemed like a moment and then opened my eyes. I saw a pair of shiny brown boots. I looked up and there stood General Chester Puller. The General didn't look down at me but rather he gazed around and said 'Everything looks good here!' Then he climbed in his Willys and drove away."   

Self Defense

Self defense is about your safety. That means avoiding trouble whenever possible. It's no fun to yield the right-of-way to rude, inconsiderate or belligerent people. And there is no benifit to getting into an altercation but there are plenty of risks. Injury however minor is not worth it. What about serious injury or death, who's going to take care of your family? And say you come out on top in the fight, then what? Consider that you may be arrested or sued, or both. And what about revenge? It'll be coming. Self defense is about preserving your life. Violence is rarely the right option, but when it is, it's the only option.


A word on the pistol "quick draw."

The lost art of the pistol "quick draw" needs to be re-considered as a necessary life saving skill. Some may ask "isn't the quick draw just an old cowboy movie trick or some outdated fad?" Hardly. I submit to you that it is more important than ever for the modern gunfighter to be skilled in this area.

Learning the proper performance of the quick draw is not what you might think. That is to say, that applying fast movement to inefficient or bad technique only worsens the situation. In the old days men went to school or at least sought out someone to learn from. The pistol "quick draw" is based on the old sword and knife drawing methods. Those were methods by which a man could rapidly respond to a threat by drawing their blade and delivering a telling cut all in one smooth motion.  

To properly learrn the "quick draw" or as I term it "the rapid aquisition and deployment of a handgun" one should study it in a scientific way. It must be broken down and studied on an elementary level. By "elementary level," I don't mean stance, grip, breathing and etc. What I mean is, the finer points of stance such as grounding, balance, posture, forward pressure and etc.  In other words when someone tells you "okay get in a good, solid, comfy shooting stance."  To me that is like telling a first time driver, "okay, just get in and drive nice and safe and proper."  Not to mention that "stance" is just a snap shot in time or what you do for a split second between movements. 

Folks just don't know what they don't know. And with something as important as defending one's life, you'd think they'd seek the truth. The quick draw's not important eh? Just ask anyone that's ever defended their life with little to no warning from the holstered position.  They may disagree.


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