"The Art and Science of Self-Defense"

Presenting personalized private and group training in street-oriented self defense and weaponcraft based on methods that are time and combat proven. Featuring the integration of combatives, knife and firearms skills. 

There is no reason for an American citizen ever to be at the mercy of a criminal. In the U.S. during the 19th century gentlemen were skilled in the defensive use of edged weapons, walking sticks, firearms and their bare hands and our crime rate was much lower. An armed society is a polite society. 

Martial arts styles, combatives, fighting and weapons-based systems are all parts of a whole. They are a combination of proper mind set and correct movement that can be performed by anyone with the desire to learn. There is no best or perfect way, only what works and what does not.

With thirty years of operational experience, forty years of martial training and a lifetime of surviving the streets, I am truly fortunate to have learned from some of the very best. Whether you are a policeman, protection specialist, professional adventurer, businessman, educator, world traveler or everyday person, together we will customize a training program suited to your specific individual or groups self defense and personal protection needs. For Self defense personal training contact me at hessdefense @ gmail . com


"If you ask me, a good wrestler will beat them all."  - Joe Lewis


"The essence of the martial arts is the mastery of movement." - Bruce Lee 


"Self defense skills are best when they are based on natural response movement, then common sense movement, followed by learned movement." 

- C. Hess



Listed below are some of the many training topics that may be arranged to form your personalized custom program.   


Pistolcraft / Defensive Handgun 

Equipment Selection

Firearms Safety

Beginner Handgun Training

Defensive Pistol

Defensive Revolver

Defensive Shotgun

Rapid Aquisition and Deployment

Point Shooting

Basic Marksmanship

Surgical Speed Shooting

Weapon Retention

Combatives for Gunfighting

Malfunction Clearing


Cover and Concealment 

Urban Terrain Options

Back up Guns

Israeli Combat shooting

Police Pistol

Police Shotgun


Street Self Defense All Levels






Power Generation

Combat Conditioning

Filipino Martial Arts 

Grappling for the street

Boxing for the street

Okinawan Karate

Tai Chi

Wing Chun



Bladecraft / Defensive Knife / Stick / Cane

Fillipino Blade, Stick & Empty Hand Arts


Defensive Folding Knife

Counter Knife Training

Tactical Folding Knife

Defense Against a Knifer 

Military Fixed Blade

Western Big Blade / Bowie  


Cane Defense

Walking Stick

Police Baton

Improvised Weapons

Special Needs Self Defense

Wheel Chair Self Defense

Amputee Self Defense


Basic thru Advanced Combatives





Personal Protection



Extreme Hostile Evironment Self-Defense

Mission Specific - Email for Information.  hessdefense @ gmail . com


For personal or group self-defense training in Spring Texas and the greater Houston area contact hessdefense @ gmail . com for free consultation. 

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